Computer going black – Internal Hardware

Hello, everyone. Name’s Jac, I’m an Artist and I’m new here. Sorry for bothering you all.

I tried looking into this but no luck.(I’m not exactly a PC expert but confident in my repairing skills, just not from within)

I’m on Windows10 Pro, I’ve no idea about the Model numbers for this Computer(not a laptop) as it’s custom made, though, the brand is ASUS, if I remember correctly.

For some reason, once I start it up, it loads normally and shows the brand name but that’s it. It immediately goes black. I can move the mouse and see it but nothing more than that. When searching online for my issue, it shows that people can still get into their Computer but in my case, I really can’t do anything but watch my own mouse move by my control.

As stated above, I’m an Artist. 2D artist. I’m hoping to save the memory I have within, plus, I can run a lot of program in it without worries(or so I thought Lol) So I’m hoping it’s a part that needs replaced so I can save the rest of it. And I can’t help but think it might be the Graphic Driver going bad. I really wanted a second opinion but the guy I tried contacting didn’t get back to me so I’m willing to accept public’s opinions if you are all willing to have me.

PS Sorry if I posted in the wrong area.