Library system upgrades public computers | News

SPINDALE – Thanks to a grant from the State Library of North Carolina and the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services, Rutherford County Library System has recently replaced all of the public computers throughout the three county library locations. With its “Addressing Digital Needs” project, the County Library in Spindale, Haynes Branch Library in Mooresboro, and Mountains Branch Library in Lake Lure now have brand new desktops and laptops that include updated operating systems and software.

The goal in replacing all of the computers is to increase digital literacy while providing a secure virtual setting for patrons to use the internet. The library system’s former computers were running the now unsupported Windows 7 operating system, and the hardware was so dated it had numerous problems when trying to use Windows 10. The new equipment uses the Windows 10 operating system, which provides better security and protection from privacy Exploits, as well as allows newer websites or special software to function correctly.

In addition to the 18 new desktop computers between the three library locations, the library system purchased nine new laptops, also running Windows 10, for both public use and for library staff to teach technology classes to individuals and small groups. Library IT Specialist Kenneth Odom aspires to help increase digital literacy for our community, especially for people under the age of 19 and over the age of 65, two groups that are especially vulnerable when it comes to digital literacy.

“We hope that by offering our patrons access to updated equipment and free technology programming, we can help them be more equipped to use computers and the Internet with confidence for school, work, or enjoyment,” said Odom.

He anticipates beginning monthly technology classes with the new equipment at each…