Tianjin encourages transformation into technology powerhouse

Holding the World Intelligence Congress for the sixth time in a row, Tianjin has been promoting cutting-edge technology exchanges and making every effort to build a pioneering city of artificial intelligence, to optimize and upgrade industries and improve overall productivity.

By holding intelligent tech-themed conferences that are high-end, international, professional and market-oriented, Tianjin is able to attract high-quality resources from home and abroad,” said Wang Xuvice-mayor of Tianjin.

The sixth WIC takes place online on June 24-25 in Tianjin. The global event gives full play to cutting-edge technologies such as the metaverse, with hundreds of attendees sharing their screens simultaneously online.

“The WIC is not only a conference, but also a platform to reshape and empower the industry, a platform to integrate the government’s supporting policies and technology industries,” said Yin Jihui, Party secretary and head of the Tianjin Industry and Information Technology Bureau.

This approach also injects vitality into the city and promotes its industrial upgrade. Ensuring that local business “prospered through conferences” augurs well for the city’s urban development, Wang said.

His words were echoed by Jiang Yaming, executive deputy director of Textile Future Technology Research Center of Tiangong University. Jiang said: “During the past few years, intelligent manufacturing research achievements have been made in Tianjin one after another, bringing benefits to China and the world.”

Jiang added that Tianjin’s The intelligent technology industry has taken shape and achieved solid development in multiple fields, including AI, big data, cloud computing, robotics, intelligent connected vehicles and intelligent medical treatment.

With its improvement of the AI ‚Äč‚Äčindustry, Tianjin has notched up a number of innovative achievements, including the world’s first “brain talker” chip, the world’s first neural ergonomic testing system, and China’s only fully autonomous…